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Lily Collins tror på City Of Bones

Lily Collins fortalte i et interview med The Hollywood Reporter, at hun troede stærkt på City of Bones, da hun blev interviewet for at promovere sin nye film: The English Teacher. 

Her er et lille udkast fra interviewet: 

THR: You’ve been attached to Mortal Instruments through a lot of ups and downs. Was that ever disheartening to you — and as an extension of that — how rewarding was it when you finally got to film it

LC:  I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. I knew that by it going through this process, it was gonna come out at the end of it with the appropriate team, the right people involved. I had been a firm believer in the story. I was a fan before I was cast, so it’s something that I’ve been passionate about before really being involved in. I didn’t wanna pass up the opportunity to be able to play this heroine that I’ve admired and I just knew that I believed in the studio that has it, Constantin. I believe in the producers at Constantin and I know that they have a really good taste level when it comes to the creative side. I knew that they wouldn’t put it somewhere where it didn’t belong, so I just didn’t know with timing. I just prayed that it wouldn’t come to the time when they were ready to shoot and I was doing something else ‘cause I thought, “I can’t have it get to this point and then not be able to do it.” I was very fortunate of the timing of everything. I couldn’t be prouder of the project. I’m so excited for people to see it. I really think Harald [Zwart] did an amazing job of taking what could’ve been a CGI-heavy, action-packed reliant film and really made it about heart and character and emotion. Special effects are just the icing on top. I think, as well as hopefully pleasing the fans of the series, we’re going to invite new people in and make them obsessed with the story as well.

THR: Are you attached to star in the rest of the adaptations beyond City of Bones?

LC: Yes. I mean, it just depends on — you kind of have to see how the first one goes. As with any potential franchise, you just leave it up to kind of the fans and to see what happens with the first one and you hope. I signed on because I love Clary and I would want to play her for as long as I can. At the end of the day, you have to kind of step back and remove yourself and go, “OK, we’ll we just have to see what happens” and you go along with the flow. I think all of us would really love to play characters for as long as the fans will have it.

Du kan læse resten af interviewet, som også giver information om Lily Collins nye film: The English Teacher

Lily Collins Interview